Medical Emergency Training Suite

LonDEC’s Medical Emergency Training Suite offers the conditions necessary for dental postgraduate training in the management of medical emergencies.

This full-immersion simulation training suite comprises of four areas:

  • Sim Surgery
  • Sim Surgery Control Room
  • Sim Suite Reception
  • Classroom/Meeting Room

Combined, the Medical Emergency Training Suite will allow the simulation of an array of medical emergencies possible in the dental surgery and Dental Crisis Resource Management (DCRM) training that will benefit every member in the dental practice.

The whole suite is serviced by SMOTS ™ video cameras capable of capturing training sessions which act as a superb tool to aid and enhance student post training debrief, peer feedback and team dynamics review.

Sim Surgery & Sim Surgery Control Room

LonDECs Sim Surgery is a fully equipped dental surgery housing a METI iStan medical emergency training mannequin that is wirelessly controlled from the adjacent Sim Surgery Control Room.

As a model patient, METI iStan can be programmed to realistically simulate a wide range of medical emergency conditions.  These include anaphylaxis, hypoglycaemia, an asthma attack, a seizure, hyperventilation, myocardial infarction and other possible medical emergencies that could occur in dental practice.

Monitoring of the Sim Surgery from the Sim Surgery Control Room is via a one-way glass window and SMOTS ™ video cameras.

By simulating complex and realistic medical emergencies, Sim Surgery is ideal for highly effective dental postgraduate training, helping all dental care professionals (DCP) and dental practice staff enhance their skills necessary to correctly act and anticipate in a developing medical emergency situation.

The Sim Surgery also contains a mock Resuscitation Council compliant medical emergency drug kit, a training automated external defibrillator (AED) and an array of oxygen therapy delivery devices and airways.

Participants can be assured that all training sessions and trainee outcomes are confidential.

Sim Suite Reception

This area represents a dental surgery reception and can be utilised as part of dental medical emergency and Crisis Resource Management scenarios.

It can also serve as a course sign in area and has a 32 inch plasma screen to aid course administration.

Adjoining Classroom/Meeting Room

The classroom/meeting room in the Medical Emergency Training Suite is capable of seating 9-10 people, with a 52 inch plasma display attached to a PC and the SMOTS ™ video system. This room also acts as a direct viewing platform for trainees to the Sim Surgery through a one way glass window.

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