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3 Day Aesthetic & Restorative Masterclass - (July 2016)


Post Graduate Dental Course

3 Day Restorative Dentistry Course – a must for any up-to-date practitioner

The course runs from 9:00am - 5:00pm each day

Day 1: Shade, Shape & Colour

An all-day programme which includes techniques of assessing and improving tooth width and shape, selecting the incisal position for best aesthetics, dealing with tooth colour change through whitening and restorative techniques (aesthetic direct composite layering) as well as effective management of diastema cases.

On the day, delegates have the opportunity practise digital shade taking and the use of colour corrected lighting, as well as produce indices from diagnostic wax ups. This will help participants to expand their treatment options regarding changes of colour and shape of teeth in a predictable way.

This day is part seminar with hands-on sessions, focusing on non-invasive and minimally invasive adhesive techniques for producing aesthetic composite restorations.

Day 2: Smile Design – Creating the Perfect Smile

An all-day programme which includes techniques of assessing and improving a smile as well as carrying out trial build-ups and aesthetic mock-ups before committing your patient or yourself to treatment.

Techniques cover the use of tools for prescribing highly aesthetic and effective diagnostic wax-ups plus how to communicate this effectively to the dental laboratory and also effectively use the information to assist your patient in understating the improvements that may be possible.

The practical sessions will be based on the advanced Magne and Gurel techniques for aesthetic anterior veneers, providing predictable tooth preparations and outcomes.

Day 3: Aesthetic Indirect Restorations

An all-day programme which includes discussion on the choice of aesthetic materials for indirect restorations and preparation design. In the practical sessions, delegates will use temporary and provisional materials to make small and large span temporary and provisional restorations. They will also learn how to improve laboratory prescription completion. Practical sessions will include impression recording and cementation techniques.

Preparations will be cut on the latest state-of-the-art phantom heads. The resultant preparations will then be scanned and assessed by delegates using the latest 3D CAD teaching software and hardware.

Each participant will receive comprehensive course notes, a certificate of completion from LonDEC and 21 hours verifiable CPD.

Please note that the course fee of £1249 is the "EARLY BIRD" booking fee. This will increase to the full price of £1399 on Friday 24th June 2016. Places are limited so please book early to avoid disappointment.

3 Day Aesthetics Masterclass may also be available for 1 Day at £599, and 2 Days at £1049 (however, please note that those wishing to book onto the full three day course will take priority over 1 and 2 day bookings). Please contact us for further details.

1 Day, 2 Day and 3 Day price options are all Inclusive of refreshments and light buffet lunch


Dr Subir Banerji, Director MSc Aesthetic Dentistry, Senior Clinical Teacher King’s College London Dental Institute

Mr Bill Sharpling, Director LonDEC, Clinical Dental Technician, Senior Clinical Teacher King’s College London Dental Institute

Bill & Subir

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